Thursday, 7 July 2011

Good Home Needed!

Ray O' Neill here, Clonshire Riding Club. 
I have a horse available - free to
a good riding club home, for hacking out / companion horse. He's 11 years old - a real schoolmaster and he's done it all - one day
eventing, showjumping, hunter trialling, you name it. 

Now the vet is telling us that he must have a new career - hacking out /
companion horse - as one of his tendons has come at him and so he won't be
doing those competitions any more. 

If you could please forward this email to your members, I'd really
appreciate it. 

He is a lovely, lovely horse and he will suit someone out there - I just
have to find that person!! 
Thanks for your help, 
mob: 087 2457972

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